Ventilated façades

The well-known façades are spaced from the buildings to favor the activation, in front of the continuous insulation, of a weak ventilation (due to the chimney effect), which favors the removal of summer heat. Terracotta has a high thermal inertia, naturally favorable to reduce the incoming heat in summer (and cold in winter). This natural attitude makes it ideal for use as an exclusive closing material in masonry, but also suitable for the external layer of ventilated façades. Materials that are aesthetically similar to terracotta but of a different nature cannot guarantee the same thermal behavior and the same energy performance.

For this technological solution, Sangrato offers some large-sized elements with reduced thickness (with or without chamber), suitable for both stacking and dry mounting on metal substructures, especially for the construction of large surface cladding façades.

Also in this case it may be the design of the façade that plays with the geometries, the type of laying, the colors and the surface texture effects to obtain the desired combination of energy and architectural performances, safety, durability and reduced maintenance.

Ventilated façades


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