We make your terracotta dreams come true

Il Cotto is an unequalled material for millennia for its aesthetic, functional, comfort and health characteristics. For several years we have witnessed the rediscovery of terracotta not only for the load-bearing structures, but also for all the architectural elements. In fact, architects and designers from all over the world are increasingly using terracotta in all its forms in projects where they want to blend tradition and modernity, combine aesthetics and functionality.

On the one hand, up-to-date production and control techniques have made it possible to create increasingly high-performance bricks, which enhance those characteristics of sturdiness and comfort that have made it the ideal building material over the millennia; on the other hand, modern processes make it possible to obtain combinations of products that were once unthinkable: special finishes, paste or applied colors, surface treatments… an array of possibilities available to the designer’s imagination and creativity.

Ecology in the DNA

An ecological product par excellence, brick is the building material that gives the enclosed spaces the highest index of healthiness, as well as a beauty that does not fear the passage of time.

Sangrato respects this tradition, offering ecologically pure products: in fact, since its origins, it has continued to produce bricks using only natural elements in the dough. Furthermore, the clays are extracted from quarries respecting the environment and the local tradition in terms of land management, in addition to current regulations; finally, all packaging is completely recyclable and the company itself takes care of organizing the recovery of those that may have repeated uses.


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