In this line we find the most innovative products of Sangrato, the result of the continuous Research & Development activities of our company. With the same extraordinary quality of the original raw material, that is an exceptional clay of particular purity, the CottoExtra line constantly develops in order to offer new architectural wall effects. Products outside the parallelepiped standard have been developed: cusps, inclined surfaces, incisions and dimensional variations allow to expand the range of architectural horizons of a Sangrato brick building.


The products in the line are available in different colours, which in turn can be combined with various surface textures that can also be superimposed on each other, for a wide range of aesthetic and chromatic results.


They can be used both outdoors, thanks to a particular treatment to increase the durability and resistance to atmospheric agents, the products of this line are suitable to create innovative buildings, developing the designer’s creativity in a direct and incessant confrontation with the Sangrato staff.

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