This line includes the cornerstones of its origins: the traditional products with which Sangrato was born for the construction of facing walls, load-bearing (including anti-seismic) and the closing and the covering walls (including coating), solid and durable, equipped with an excellent summer thermal inertia, as well as with a good winter thermal insulation. The raw material that characterizes the original products of Sangrato is a clay of incomparable purity made in Italy, that provides exceptional mechanical resistance and resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, as well as the unmistakable red colour, if untreated.

The choice of every single product from the range together with that of the texture and the given colour, as well as the installation, allows more or less three-dimensional wall facing effects, with projections and effects from traditional to contemporary (eg: pixel effect, grillage, stairways).

All products of the line are available in different colours (red, salmon pink, yellow, hazelnut, dove grey, dark brown …), which in turn can be combined with various surface finishes such as coloured sands with more or less coarse grain, rusticated of varying depth, orange peel effects, bevels and rounding, effects of artistic mottling and antiquing, glossy and opaque glazes capable of making them both decorative and resistant. Many texture effects are in turn compatible and superimposable, for an infinite range of aesthetic and chromatic results.

Usable outdoors thanks also to a particular treatment to accentuate the resistance to atmospheric agents, the products of this line are also ideal for very strict aesthetic-architectural requirements, such as in historical contexts and in the presence of buildings bound by the Superintendency.

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