The CottoPalatino line includes products dedicated to flooring, particularly for interiors (foot traffic). For the external paving see also the CottoPolis line (foot and driveway traffic). The formats provided allow traditional and modern poses. A special treatment of the flooring fullfills the needs of washability and waterproofing, as well as dirt removal and resistance to chemical agents, considering always that the use of terracotta finds its maximum expression in its chromatic vitality, breathability and uniqueness.

In addition to the different colours available in various formats, the accent is placed on the glazing effect that gives flooring an extraordinary uniqueness: the chromatic effect and the surface texture are combined together for an industrial production – and hence the result is controlled and homogeneous – with an artisanal effect. The glazing is also able to increase the degree of washability of the floor products, with a view to increase the functional use even in the most dirty and humid rooms of the house: the bathroom and the kitchen.

Not treated


Treated with corundum

Varianti colore