The CottoPiana line offers the range of Sangrato products that is intended for wall covering solutions with reduced thickness, in the presence of walls made with other materials. CottoPiana offers thin terracotta surfaces in all those environments where you want to offer the timeless warmth of clay, available in all sizes, textures and colours. The terracotta surfaces boast a craftsmanship and uniqueness that is impossible to obtained with any surface treatment – even an avant-garde one – of stoneware or other industrial material. However, this uniqueness is combined with the highest level of control and homogeneity of the product’s technical characteristics.

The enamelled product has particular value and aesthetic variety, obtained for each product of the CottoPiana line: in addition to the variegated three-dimensional chromatic and surface effects, the treatment gives the coating a special washability that makes it particularly suitable to be used as wall covering in dirty environments and damp areas in the house such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

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