The CottoQuadra line was born to address the contemporary need to create modern curtains that are often associated with tertiary and representative buildings: it includes the Sangrato outdoor elements of considerable size (up to 50 cm in length) for the construction of ventilated facades or simple cladding on a grand scale.

The interlocking elements, stackable, offer the possibility of creating closed joint curtains and excellent mechanical and impact resistance due to the presence of a double brick wall with an internal air chamber; the interlocking device also facilitates and accelerates installation by guiding the alignments. However, a metal framework for anchoring to the wall is required.

The single-walled tiles, light and dry-mountable on a metal frame, create ventilated claddings and façades with open joints on the four sides of the element, with even variegated aesthetic effects, for example discontinuous mosaic (see also the CottoSole line).

Also for the large-sized products of the CottoQuadra line, different colours and finishes are possible, both exalting the surface and the colour of the brick itself and a possible total distortion of its traditional appearance.

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