The CottoSole line includes all the special elements suitable for outdoor use that can be used to create ancient and modern solar shading and permeable and discontinuous coating curtains, as well as fences and barriers.

With the extruded elements of variable geometry, combined in different ways, it is possible to obtain ’embroidered’ walls capable of filtering the sun rays according to design and creating decorative effects with lights and shadows. The more traditional of these elements can be used for ‘grillage’ also present in historical-agricultural contexts such as farmhouses, but not only. Contemporary architectural trends often integrate shielding elements at the southern faces in all new homes.


The linear elements, whether they have a square, rectangular, or ‘T’ section, up to 50 cm long, can be modulated without limits to accentuate the effects of horizontality or verticality, to reproduce the effect of slatted Venetian blinds with the most disparate uses: from solar protection to light division, from coating to an aesthetic-architectural interplay.

Varianti colore