Kerf tile

Flat plate with rectangular or square shape (50×25 cm or 25×25 cm), thin (2.5 cm thick) and equipped with kerf (grooves for housings), it can be used as an external façade element, in the presence of ventilated cavities or not, in a dry assembly using a metal support substructure. This product can meet the most modern needs of creating a representative terracotta facing, possibly also for cladding existing buildings for which an architectural and functional re-styling is required, for example for the winter thermal adaptation of an old building, but also for the improvement of summer behavior through the creation of a ventilated façade, with very satisfactory results especially in hot climates (and if combined with a correct design, for example with the combination of light colors and high reflectivity). There are no limits to the type of intended use; the large format lends itself well to buildings with large façade and multi-storey surfaces, which allow to optimize the effect, as well as to buildings of smaller dimensions.

–      dimensions 25 / 50x25x2.5 cm

–      approved as coating material (Standard UNI EN 771-1)

–      possible colors: Piedmont red, old Turin, salmon pink, amber straw yellow, hazelnut, dove gray, dark brown

–      possible surface textures: gray sand with a more or less coarse grain, colored (black, yellow, white …), more or less deep ashlar (rusticated, even flamed) or less deep (Canadian rolled), orange peel effects (ashlar), bevels and rounding, streak and antiquing effects, glossy and opaque colored glazes

–      available with outdoor treatment, also suitable for interiors

Kerf tile

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