The tile, with a thickness of 1.8 cm, dimensions 25×25 cm, and the rectangular one, dimensions 25×12 cm, are perfect for use in the creation of terracotta floors with different types of laying: flat or cut herringbone, ‘opus reticolatum’, to ‘opus quadratum’. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, in this second case they can also be used to create discontinuous flooring, such as alternating blocks of ground/vegetation with wide joints.

The same elements can be installed on raised floors equipped with adjustable feet.

–      dimensions 25×25 cm or 25×12 cm, th . 1.8 cm

–      approved as coating and flooring material (…)

–      possible colors: Piedmont red, old Turin, salmon pink, amber straw yellow, hazelnut, dove gray, dark brown

–      possible surface textures: smooth, glossy and opaque colored glazes

–      suitable for both interiors and exteriors


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