With thicknesses of 2 and 2.5 cm, it is the ideal product when you want to combine the lightness and the aesthetic-architectural effect of authentic terracotta, inimitable in its surface texture compared to any substitute made with other materials (such as ceramics, plastic-synthetic products and various compounds).

Alternatively, to obtain equally unique decorative effects, it is possible to make them colored, antiqued and glazed, with glossy and opaque effects, even shaded ones, always reaching aesthetic and material levels that are incomparable in quality compared to imitators.

The slat can be perfectly used for:

–         external coatings on site, with mortar or glue, of any existing wall facing (perimeter walls, partitions);

–         internal coatings on site, with mortar or glue, of any furnishing element (bar and kitchen counters);

–         external/internal coatings on site, with mortar or glue, of any insulating material laid as a thermal ‘coat’;

–         quick and easy installation of pre-assembled multilayer thermal insulation panels (both outside and inside the building), tongue and groove, with offset or sister laying (vertical/horizontal joints aligned), available in approximate dimensions from 50×70 cm and in combination with different types of insulation (EPS, rock wool, wood wool), protected by a Celenit-type mineralized wood wool panel.

–      dimensions 5,5 / 6/7 / 12×2 / 2,5×25 cm

–      approved as coating material (Standard UNI EN 771-1)

–      possible colors: Piedmont red, old Turin, salmon pink, amber straw yellow, hazelnut, dove gray, dark brown

–      possible surface textures: gray sand with a more or less coarse grain, colored sand (black, yellow, white …), more or less deep ashlar (rusticated, even flamed) or less deep (Canadian rolled), orange peel effects (ashlar), bevels and rounding, streak and antiquing effects, glossy and opaque colored glazes

–      available with outdoor treatment, also suitable for interiors

Morfologia Nome Dimensioni [cm] Peso [kg] Rendimento [n/m2]
Listello Listello
25 x 1,8 x 5,5 25 x 1,8 x 7
60 50
Listello Angolare Listello Angolare
25 x 12 x 5,5 25 x 12 x 7

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