Square mosaic tile

It is a terracotta tile with a reduced thickness (1.8-2 cm), which can be used as a wall covering, even in humid environments or where it is required to be washable, especially if treated with surface glazing effects. It can be combined with the ‘Quadra media’ tile (‘Medium square tile’) due to its half size. Its versatile geometry and the variety of finishes allow multiple valuable and unique aesthetic effects.

–      dimensions 5,5 / 6/7 / 12x12x25 cm

–      0% empty percentage (classified as ‘full’ according to UNI8942,% empty <15)

–      approved as coating material (UNI EN 771-1)

–      approved for bearing structures (DM 20/11/87) and bearing anti-seismic structures (DM 16/01/96)

–      possible colors: Piedmont red, old Turin, salmon pink, amber straw yellow, hazelnut, dove gray, dark brown

–      possible surface textures: gray sand with a more or less coarse grain, colored sand (black, yellow, white …), more or less deep ashlar (rusticated, even flamed) or less deep (Canadian rolled), orange peel effects (ashlar), bevels and rounding, streak and antiquing effects, glossy and opaque colored glazes

–      available with outdoor treatment, also suitable for interiors

Square mosaic tile

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