Two-hole sunscreen

Element with two square holes obtained in the element 25x12x12 cm or 25x12x6 to obtain an open block suitable for creating sunscreens and ‘grillage’, both indoors and outdoors and to divide areas and environments in a discontinuous and light way, through the creation of a divider ‘permeable’ to sight.

This same element, suitable for multiple uses, including creative ones, was for example used to create the Giada bench, integrated with wooden slats and available in kits with complete accessories.

–      dimensions 25x12x12 cm, 25x12x6 cm

–      approved as material from ………………… .. (UNI ……………… standards)

–      possible colors: Piedmont red, old Turin, salmon pink, amber straw yellow, hazelnut, dove gray, dark brown

–      possible surface textures: fine sand, smooth

–      suitable for exteriors

Two-hole sunscreen
Morfologia Nome Dimensioni [cm] Peso [kg] Rendimento [n/m2]
Frangisole a due fori Frangisole a due fori
25 x 12 x 12

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