Exposed brick walls

Why choose to build brick walls today? The market offers a wide and varied range of new generation materials, many of which imitate it, without being. Each of these materials focuses on resolving a particular aspect: resistance, installation speed, winter thermal insulation, maintainability, acoustics, etc… However, today terracotta is the only material that combines the most of the requirements described above, in addition to durability, fire safety, summer thermal insulation, visual comfort, natural ecology and sustainability, its vocation not to age – rather to improve – over time.

These characteristics of the material, terracotta, are enhanced by Sangrato thanks to a peculiar excellence of the raw material from its own quarry. Unparalleled characteristics of terracotta that overwhelm any other material in apparent competition in the medium-long term. The exposed walls can therefore be:

  • quick fix for buildings with frame structures (metal, reinforced concrete, wood etc …)
  • bearing in ordinary contexts
  • bearing in contexts with a high degree of seismic risk
Exposed brick walls


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